susea unique process

We compliment your process...

The SuSea process can be used as a treatment for fresh fish or as a pre-treatment complimenting existing smoking or other processing steps for even better results.

existing fish processing

Fish sorting, grading and filleting

First the fish goes through all the necessary process steps to produce the fillets...

before susea treatment

Fish fillet ready for our Susea solution

After the fish is cleaned and processed, the fillet is ready to be treated...

The susea STEP

Treatment with our unique patented solution

Our SuSea liquid solution is based on natural ingredients and removes excess water at great speed without affecting taste or texture. This results in a fish fillet that has a significantly extended shelf life.

This is what we offer

We mitigate the growth of harmful microorganisms
We process for less than 30min

Our process costs less than
€1/kg of fish

Our partners

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Susea & AI

Our company also leverages AI for its food tech processes.

We perform meta-analysis to select the most appropriate ingredients for your process. We perform shelf-life modelling and prediction using state of the art machine learning techniques and proprietary data from various products.